“The Devil and Daniel Webster”


Today’s lesson will focus on a great American play. You will

  1. Read the introduction to the play – 117-120
  2. Vocabulary – look up these words and write the definitions: colony, narrative, stagecraft, interfere, glimpse, handsome, mortgage, botanist, curiosities, cannier
  3. KWL chart
  4. Read play 121-154 out loud
  5. Discussion
  6. Interpret exercise #1-10, 155-157

In small groups, decide on an emotion that you will portray to the class without using words. Plan this charade and then present in front of class. 

Google Development Day 2007

I participated in a webcast to the University of Delaware from the Google-plex in Mountain View California. Google is continuously rolling out new products that can be used to do new things. They offer basic APIs that can then be used for other applications called mashups.  For example, Google map is being used to help tourists find a nearby hotel.  There is such a terrific rush toward new products! Even though I  don’t even know what purpose they will fulfill, there is such excitement about the possibilities.  I can’t wait to get started planning for classroom uses.  Have you seen the new Google Sketch?

Final Book Review

Think about the AR book that you read for this marking period. Be sure to take an AR test on this book for credit.

Book Review: Do a pre-write to answer the questions below then do a draft in WORD. Revise and spell check the draft. Save it to your file on the server.  Copy it and paste the final product both as a response to this post and a post on your own blog.

Answer these questions in an essay form. Prepare at least a 400 word document. Spelling and grammar count. Worth 2oo points!

  • Give the title and author of your book.
  • Write a brief summary of the plot and setting.  Do not give away the ending!
  • What part of the book touched you the most? Why?
  • What similarities did you see in your own life or what lessons were in the book that may have been enlightening for you?
  • Of all the books you have read this year, what is your favorite and why?
  • What will you read this summer?

Shakespeare’s Sonnet #18

I cannot allow May and you to slip away from me without one really wonderful experience with a Shakespeare Sonnet!   Go to http://www.shakespeare-online.com/sonnets/18.html

Read the sonnet and then explore the form, the author and the analysis given. Look at other Shakespeare sonnets. Find one you like and post it on your blog making your own comments: what is the theme, content and your opinion? Finally, in the comment section of this post, reflect on what you think of Sonnet #18. What was Willie Shakespeare up to when he said ” summer’s lease hath all too short a date”?

Vote Here!

What a great week we have had. Almost everyone has a working blog and is adding content to it. Remember to include only approved writing on your blog and never personal information.

What kind of music do you think we should play with the graduation slide show? Think of songs that would suit the mood and are appropriate for school and comment on this post making song suggestions. Be sure to include the name of the song and the artist. music-notes.jpgmusic-notes.jpgmusic-notes.jpgmusic-notes.jpgmusic-notes.jpg


images.jpgWhen you write an essay you should come up with a great opening line and introductory paragraph. Try using

  • an anecdote
  • a description of the person
  • an interesting fact

When you write about a person avoid using cliches like “she is always there for me.” Try instead to give an example of why she is loving and giving. 

Honoring Your Mom

Last week in class you wrote a special descriptive poem about your mother or the special woman in your life who cares for you. Then you printed them out on flowery paper and carefully placed them in a page protector. Now I am curious. How did it go when you gave her the poem? Did she like it? What was her reaction? Will you write more poetry when you leave 8th grade now that you have been successful? heart1.jpg

Lesson Plans May 14-25

Monday May 14

  • Essay Test – Complete prewrite, draft and turn in
  • Root Words Lesson 4 Evaluation of test/make-ups
  • Homework – Read AR book – deadline for test May 25th

Tuesday May 15

  • Essay Test peer and self evaluation
  • Root Words Lesson 5 – Roots and words discussed
  • Homework – Read AR book – deadline for test May 25th and definitions for root words

Wednesday, May 16

  • Essay – revise and publish on blog
  • Root Words Lesson 5 – Review definitions
  • Homework – Read AR book – deadline for test May 25th and Root words sentences

Thursday and Friday, May 17 and 18

  • Reflection on my blog: this year and music survey
  • Root Words Lesson 5- Review sentences prepare for test
  • Review the Lifestory Project
  • Homework – Read AR book – deadline for test May 25th and Root words – study for test on Friday

Monday, May 21

  • Shakespeare Sonnet #18
  • Lifestory Plan
  • Homework – Read AR book – deadline for test May 25th, study for Lesson 5 Root Word test

Tuesday, May 22 – Science DSTP
Wed, May 23 – SS DSTP

  • Lessons for test days will follow up on writing work

Thur, May 24

  • Lesson 5b Root Word Test
  • Shakespeare sonnet and reflection
  • Lifestory – all components complete

Fri, May 25

  • Book Review #9 – bring your book to class
  • Deadline for AR Test